Trigger Massage Ball Green 2.5

169 kr

With a diameter of 13 cm, the MB5 provides extra leverage and stability. MB5 is ideal for relieving tight muscles and restoring movement to hard-to-reach muscle groups such as hips and shoulders. Specially designed to address the deeper tissue in the major muscle groups that become tight due to repetitive motion and a lot of sitting. The layered construction consists of different densities and provides different levels of pressure to stimulate blood flow and restore mobility. Perfect ball to also use for warming up. Design and quality materials that withstand a lot of use. Made with a foam surface that is easy to clean.
Recommended areas of use: glutes, hips, shoulders, upper back, chest, etc. 

Product specification

Weight  165 grams
Diameter  13 cm
Shipping weight 0
Shipping volume 0

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